Global ViCE Team meets in Härnösand, Sweden

red-cross-and-crescent-1-151021Härnösand, Sweden, 23 October 2015.

The Global ViCE Team met in Härnösand on 19-23 October 2015 in northern Sweden to discuss the Listening Studies and the larger ViCE initiative.

Throughout the four days, the group heard from the Sudan and South Sudan listening teams about the experiences and what could be learned from these two pilot studies.

The Team worked together to produce a work plan for 2016, including scheduling the upcoming Listening Studies.

Perhaps one of the most interesting session of the week was the focus group discussion led by Matt Baillie Smith with team members from Afghanistan, Honduras, Myanmar, South Sudan, Sudan and Ukraine on their experiences, challenges, concerns and hopes for volunteering in their contexts.

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