ViCE exhibition at the statutory meetings of Red Cross Red Crescent Movement

Geneva, Switzerland, 5 December 2015. 

The International Conference, the Council of Delegates and the General Assembly, held in Geneva in 2015, brought together members of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, governments, partners, and other stakeholders to discuss and decide on current issues critical to the Movement and our ability to fulfill our respective mandates.

Given the urgency and relevance of the ViCE project’s objectives, particularly learning more about volunteers’ experiences through the Listening Study, the Swedish Red Cross produced a 3-dimensional full-scale exhibit that enthralled and touched those who walked through its walls. The exhibit was designed with three distinct rooms: Recognize, Protect and Promote.

Each of the rooms speaking to a different aspect of the ViCE project and connecting back to the individual volunteers and the realities they face in conflicts and emergencies.

The exhibit provided a good back-drop to the resolution on Security and Safety of Humanitarian Volunteers that was adopted at the International Conference.

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