The ViCE listening study

Group exercise – listen to volunteer experiences

The participants in the ViCE Listening Study shared their experiences of working as volunteers in conflicts and emergencies. We have made some of the qoutes available to generate a discussion about volunteering in such situations. Here you will find a material to be used for a group exercise.

Download the material here:  ViCE Qoutes Listening Exercise 1-10 Handouts (ViCE 2017 EN)

The quotes are drawn from a larger research material of the ViCE Initiative and have been anonymized.

Print the material double sided (in colour). Cut the papers into postcards, this print set contains 10 different quotes with a total of 80 handouts.

This exercise can take between 30-60 minutes.

Divide the participants into smaller groups of 3-5 people and provide them with 1- 3 quotes each.

Instruct them to read the quotes 2-3 times before discussing the questions in their groups.

  1. How does this quote make you feel?
  2. What issues does this quote raise?
  3. What implications might this have for the organization?

Bring back the participants to a plenary discussion. If possible, bring out input from the participants with post-its that can be grouped to visualize different topics.

Good luck!