Listening Study Closing Meeting in Dubai

Dubai, UAE, 27 April 2016,

Members of the Global ViCE Team met in Dubai on 23-27 April to engage with a selection of available transcripts from listening sessions with volunteers, and to map out the next steps in the ViCE initiative.

The specific outcomes of the workshop were that participants:
– shared their experiences of engaging with the listening methodology
– explored topics and issues identified through the studies to be taken forward in the next phase of the ViCE initiative
– outlined a coding structure for analysis of the material and data that had been gathered
– provided input for the next steps of the Listening Study and the overall ViCE initiative.

The workshop began with a session led by Matt Baillie Smith and Malin Gawell on ‘What is Data’, which provided an opportunity for all participants at the workshop to deepen their understanding of what data is, how it is collected, and what types of data are valued.

This set up the following discussion sessions on the specific transcripts and what each ViCE Team Member heard, understood, and reacted to. These discussions were translated in several steps into a rough coding framework of themes and sub-themes, which was consolidated by a small group at the end of the workshop.
At the same time, other participants not involved in the coding group developed a planning framework of how each saw their National Society engaging with the next steps and eventual findings from the ViCE Listening Study. The workshop was high-intensity and high-energy, and was seen by all participants as having achieved and even surpassed the stated objectives.

The following participants attended the workshop:
Afghan Red Crescent: Daoud Mohammad Latif
Burundi Red Cross: Balthazar Bacinoni
Honduran Red Cross: Bessy Valle Paz
Myanmar Red Cross: Aun Kyaw Htut and Khin Myou Myat Thein
Northumbria University, UK: Matt Baillie Smith and Nisha Thomas
South Sudan Red Cross: Alex Modoyi Deti
Sudanese Red Crescent: Tarig Aldouma
Swedish Red Cross: Stefan Agerhem, Eva Augustin, Cecilia Brunnström, Jessica Cadesky, Malin Gawell and Ylva Jonsson Strömberg
Ukraine Red Cross: Maryna Kozhedub

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