Kick-off meeting in London sets the stage for Listening Studies

London, UK  18 September 2015

From 16-18 September 2015, members of the ViCE project team met in London to discuss the overall approach and methodology for the Listening Study.

The meeting brought together Stefan Agerhem, Jessica Cadesky, Matt Baillie Smith and Cecilia Brunnström, while Balthazar Bacinoni was unfortunately unable to attend. Here, we discussed the deeper questions around the study, such as why this listening methodology, how it would be applied, what would the challenges be and how would we address them what is the overall vision of the ViCE project and how will the Listening Study contribute to this.

The two and a half day meeting produced concrete objectives of the study, list of technical considerations around the study, and the rough outline of the Listening Question Guide, which was later piloted in the Listening Studies in Sudan and South Sudan. All participants left with the excitement that we could not wait to share with the Global ViCE Team!

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