What we do

The ViCE Hub is an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral initiative focused on:

Research which explores the experiences, challenges, ideas and needs of volunteers
working in conflicts, emergencies and dangerous situations. There has been limited
research on this group of volunteers. The Hub brings together academics,
practitioners and volunteers to co-develop research which understands volunteer
experiences and which can inform and shape policy, advocacy and practice.

Innovation which draws on the research to create innovative approaches to key
challenges facing volunteers in conflicts and emergencies. Through pop-up
innovation labs, the Hub brings together diverse stakeholders to explore volunteer
perspectives and work together to improve volunteers’ experiences and the
effectiveness of their humanitarian activities.

Development activities which build the capacities of volunteers and volunteer
engaging organisations to manage, support and enhance volunteering activity.
Through technical support, guidance and learning opportunities informed by our
research, the Hub is committed to ensuring volunteers in conflicts and emergencies
are better supported and protected.