Plan 2017

The purpose of the ViCE initiative is to contribute to, in times of conflict and emergencies, improved National Society provision of volunteer involving action and services to the humanitarian needs of people and communities affected, while also strengthening their resilience.

The goal is improved practices of National Societies in Volunteering in Conflicts and Emergencies that increase volunteer involvement and engagement.

The main outcomes in 2017 are:

  • A knowledge platform on ViCE for future research and knowledge development is established.
  • Findings of the ViCE Listening Study are accessed by National Societies and their practice informed.
  • Solutions on issued raised by volunteers in the ViCE Listening Study are explored and developed.
  • General awareness on ViCE Issues amongst key stakeholders are increased.
  • National Societies access technical support in their volunteering development efforts.

Key activities in 2017 are:

  • Participation at two strategically chosen meetings to raise awareness of ViCE (General Assembly of the IFRC and one more to be decided in 2017).
  • A global workshop (summer academy) for the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement on ViCE.
  • 4-6 Pop-up innovation labs to explore and develop solutions (Volunteer insurance, Volunteer Safety and Security, Volunteer Leadership, Resilient Volunteers and Volunteer Structures, Psychosocial Support, and one more).
  • Provide technical support to National Societies, IFRC and ICRC such as the 2016 Ebola Volunteering Review in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia as well as more country specific support.
  • Facilitation training for identified resource persons in National Societies.
  • Development and launch of a global report on ViCE.
  • Develop academic papers on ViCE and design a masters training on Volunteering Development in partnership with the Northumbria University and partners.
  • Exploration, development and potentially launch a Global Development and Innovation Hub for Volunteering.