Our annual plan

The purpose of the ViCE Hub is to contribute to, in times of conflict and emergencies, improved organizational provision of volunteer involving action and services to the humanitarian needs of people and communities affected, while also strengthening their resilience.

The goal is improved practices of organizations in Volunteering in Conflicts and Emergencies that increase volunteer involvement and engagement.



The ViCE Hub Learning builds the capacity of volunteering development specialists and their colleagues thus contributing to responding in a strong and sustainable manner to humanitarian needs and risks.

During the last three years, it has been apparent that few learning and capacity building opportunities are available on volunteering development, and more specifically volunteering in emergencies and conflicts. The ViCE Hub creates a platform that invest in people so that they have the skills needed to navigate new opportunities, challenges and ways of working.

The objective is to contribute building the technical capacity of staff and volunteers on volunteering development, and more specifically volunteering in conflicts and emergencies. The priority in 2018 is to take learnings from the ViCE Initiative, turn them into transformative capacity building activities, and bring forward new approaches, skills, and mind-sets.

The four main working modalities are:

  • ViCE Hub Summer academy on the basics on volunteering development with the purpose of engaging volunteers for response in conflicts and emergencies
  • Masters programme on volunteering development
  • ViCE Hub Podcasts on specific topics to create mobile learning opportunities
  • Specialised trainings and workshops – tailor-made for country specific needs and global (regional/multi-country) on special themes/topics within the framework


Research and innovation

The ViCE Listening Study and the voices of the participants have created a unique material for research and innovative work. It is a foundation for intensified efforts of the ViCE Hub in 2018 and onwards, that can make a lasting difference for local volunteers engaged in humanitarian responses. Much data remain to be analysed and turned into knowledge to be used for change and transformation that enhance the strengths of the volunteer involving organizations.

The objective is to contribute in establishing new knowledge, tools and learnings on volunteering development, and more specifically volunteering in emergencies and conflicts. The priority in 2018 is to spearhead research two technical areas identified in the Listening Study and make data available for external use.

Combining the established evidence base with further research and innovative work, the ViCE Hub invests in new areas to seek insights that can inform the work and structures of volunteer involving organizations.

The four main working modalities are:

  • The ViCE HuB OpenLab providing access to the ViCE Listening Study Data
  • Doctorate positions on a topic unearthed by the ViCE Intiative, likely to be Resilient Volunteers and Volunteer Formations,
  • A research and innovation initiative on Local Volunteer Leadership in Demanding Situations in partnership
  • Solution driven local and global Pop-Up Innovation Labs in partnership with concerned volunteer involving organizations, the academic, the private sector and other stakeholders


Technical support

The ViCE Initiative explored in 2016-2017 on how to set up a technical assistance and response function in support of volunteer involving organizations to establish effective volunteer engagement for volunteering in conflicts and emergencies. The work of the ViCE Initiative confirmed the difficulties of organizations in accessing resources for effective support in volunteering development. However, it became clear that they did not want ‘more of the same’; they were sceptical of established approaches. Different technical support approaches were tested to develop understanding of the needs and to develop responses to those.

The objective is to provide volunteer involving organizations with access to technical support on volunteering and more specifically volunteering in conflicts and emergencies. The priority in 2018 is to set in motion a technical support modality on ViCE.  The technical support mechanism builds on a model pooling advisor resources from different organizations coordinated and supported by the ViCE  Hub.

The four main working modalities for technical support are

  • Online support where internet based meetings/communication are used for supporting specifically addressed needs,
  • In-country support and participation in projects in the form of direct personal support (impact coaching, advising, consulting, facilitation ) and surge capacity to add extra hands in a difficult situations (crises, conflicts, emergencies),
  • Solution driven local or global Pop-up Innovation Labs (See also Research and Innovation)
  • Assessments, reviews and evaluations.